Have you ever thought of telling your stories to the world? Telling them what you experienced in life? Want to tell the world your travel stories? Stories you do not want to be forgotten? Do you want to express your thoughts and communicate your feelings? Making a blog and posting might seem difficult to you but it really isn’t. I am going to tell you how you can create your own blog and post your articles or stories to be read by the world. You can keep your blog updated regularly by posting meaningful content and grab the reader’s attention.

When you actually start thinking about making a blog you might feel a little confused and clueless. It might seem tricky if you explore the internet but here I will make it easy for you to understand. It is much easier than you think it is and in no time you will be able to setup your own blog.

First thing you need to do is think of a domain name. It will be a name people will remember your blog by so you need to think of something that is easy to remember, catchy and has a ring to it. Good domain names also help Google to know what your blog is about and rates it accordingly. A unique domain name will distinguish you from all the other blogs on the internet and have a separate identity. You should avoid numbers, hyphens and homophones and use simple, easy to spell words. You should also use a .com if possible. To build a blog with WordPress, which is the most popular blogging platform on the internet, and to make it grow across the internet it is necessary to have a good domain name.

Once your domain name is selected you need someone to host it. You can buy a hosting plan from a well-known WordPress hosting provider. WordPress offers growth, flexibility and control over your blog. You can choose any hosting provider that has good customer service and pricing. Moreover, it is reliable to use and has been used before by friends and family.

Next you will install WordPress which is free of cost and hassle-free. Your hosting provider will do most of the work for you. Once you have it, the next most important step would be to choose the right theme. Your theme should define your blog and the overall look, feel and style of it. From the dashboard, you can choose a theme for your site from among the hundreds of free themes available from the WordPress theme directory or buy a custom theme. Many WordPress themes are designed for general use, but some are optimized for specific purposes like writing or blogging. You can use a filter to narrow down the search options for you. When you find a theme you like, you can preview it live on your site and install it with a click. It is all this easy!

You can also customize your chosen template according to your needs. First of all, you can increase the white spaces to make your blog look neat and simple. Too much content and images can make your readers distracted from the actual content. You can create these spaces to make your audience focused on your blog post. You can take pictures on your own instead of making use of what is already there on the internet. This will give your blog post a better rating. You should also avoid using sharp colors and stick to pastels. It is all in the details. The reader might not notice every single thing about your blog but collectively it will have an impact of how professional your blog looks. Choose a theme or a design and stick to it.

You can now create content and publish! Remember to keep your content unique and attention grasping that makes them keep coming back for more. Make use of headlines or bullet points wherever needed so that you do not lose your reader somewhere in the middle. You should also use catchy captions when using images and bring out your creative side. Your blog should stand out from the other blog posts on the same niche. You can also make your blog post scan friendly by using more headlines so that people can go through their area of interest and skim through the rest. Make sure you use appropriate English without any grammatical or spelling errors.

Once you have published your content you can use Google Analytics to track performance of your blog post. To bring more traffic to your blog you need to have an SEO strategy. SEO helps your blog show up on relevant searches for the user. The best way for your content to be SEO friendly is to make use of keywords. It can either be a single word or phrases. You can use the tools available for keyword research or simply do it on your own. Once you have the keywords with you, you can use it in your content or headlines to have more specific traffic your way.

You can now have your own blog and have fun while you are at it!